SSI is the fastest growing Training Agency in the world today, and continues to add new Training Centers and Instructors daily by supporting them in the field in their language by our Training Consultants and additionally through webinars, unique benefits and promotions as well as ongoing product improvements.


For the period of 1 July 2024 to 31 December 2024, the SSI Dive Professional Crossover is FREE* for active dive professionals, register with us for your preferred practical inwater session and we will then send you the link to sign up for your mySSI account.

Prior to attending the inwater training, you will need to complete two things:

  1. The online crossover online training and pass the final exam
  2. Attend a virtual academic training session run by one of SSI's service centres, these dates will be available when you register online

Once complete attend one of the inwater training sessions that will be run by one of our three SSI Instructor Trainers and upon successful completion, you 

*There is a cost of $330 payable directly to SSI when signing up, however, that covers your professional membership with SSI until the end of 2025.

The SSI “We Want You“ promotion covers the crossover up to the maximum level of SSI Divemaster Instructor. It is possible to cross over to the next higher SSI level, the Assistant Instructor Trainer (AIT). This requires additional training, an “in-water“ session and additional costs. For detailed information on the content/procedure and prices, please contact us.

In general, RSTC and ISO certified training organisations are possible without instructor evaluation. However, in some cases an instructor evaluation may be required. This may incur additional costs which can be requested from the Service Centre. Please refer to the note in your registration for the crossover.