In Queensland, we have additional rules and regulations when it comes to running dive courses and trips, and this is one of the reasons to dive with legitimate and reputable dive operations.

One of the most common questions we get relates to a persons fitness to dive and this gets broken up into three different categories.  Entry Level Training, Continuing Education Training and Fun Diving, see each section below for more information.

Entry Level Training

In Queensland you need to answer the following three questions, a YES response to any of them requires you to get a dive medical.

  1. Are you 45 years of age or over
  2. Is your BMI >30 AND waist circumference (m)102cm / (f)88cm or greater
  3. Did you answer YES to any of the questions on this questionnaire

Having to get a dive medical does not mean you cannot dive, it just means that there is something that needs to be checked out.

Please answer the questionnaire honestly and please do not call us to discuss your condition or ask if we think you should put YES or NO.  If you feel the need to ask, you should put YES and go get a medical.

By lying on this questionnaire you not only put yourself at risk but also the Instructors and other students in the water with you.

Do not leave this to the last minute, you won't get an appointment.

For a list of Doctors that we know who do dive medicals check this list out.

Continuing Education Training

For Continuing Education Courses, ie. Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and so on, you only need to fill in the below Medical Declaration.

You can download it here.

The same as your Entry Level Training, read the instructions, answer it honestly, Yes or No.

If a medical is required, get one!  If you have a medical and it is no more than 12 months old and nothing in your medical history has changed that is considered valid.

Dive Trips

For one of our guided dive trips, we will require you to answer the following questions, a YES response will require a medical to be completed.

  1. Since completing your last dive medical assessment, have you suffered any illness or injury that may affect your ability to dive?
  2. Are you currently suffering any illness or injury?
  3. Are you currently taking any prescription medication, other than the contraceptive pill?