We offer a range of equipment for rental, all prices are stated are for a 24 hour period or part thereof:

Standard Equipment

  • Tanks - $25 comes full
  • Reg - $25 includes dive computer
  • BCD - $20 available sizes xs/s/m/l/xl
  • Wetsuits - $20 available sizes female s-xl male s-xxxl
  • Weightbelt - $20 comes with 6 x 3lb (1.5kg) weights

Mask, Snorkel, Boots and Fins are not available for rental

Technical Equipment

  • SMS 100D - $30
  • SMS 50 - $30
  • Sidemount Regulator Set - $60
  • Twin Tank Regulator Set - 60
  • Twin Tanks - $65
  • O2 Clean Stage Bottles - $40

General Rental Terms and Conditions at a Glance

  1. You must be a certified diver to hire Tanks, BCD's and/or Regulators, certification cards MUST be shown.

  2. Full payment is required at the time of rental and credit/debit card details are required for security

  3. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS once the equipment leaves the store! You had it in your possession not us.  If you rent a DVD and don't watch it, can you get a refund or credit? Nope!

  4. Repair or Replacement costs are calculated on an individual basis, you'll be required to reimburse us for and repair or replacement costs.

  5. The rental fee is for a single 24 hour period or part thereof, if you want it in your possession for 2 days, you have to pay for 2 days.

  6. Equipment returned late will be charged at the standard daily rate.