Q. Will we see sharks on our course?

A. Probably not!  It is the ocean and they are there but it's super rare to see an aggressive shark

Q. The weather forecast says it's going to be raining and windy, is the course still going ahead?

A. Assume Yes!  We undertake risk assessments continually and unless conditions prove dangerous we still go, they're not always the best but we can't control the natural environment.

Q. I want to stay down the coast, can I just meet you there?

A. On the first day, No, we have paperwork and other information we need to deliver on the first morning, on day 2, sure, that can be organised.

Q. My parent/partner/significant other is a certified diver and wants to tag along?

A. On day 1, No, this causes unnecessary distractions while we are teaching you the fundamental skills and has lead to significant problems in the past, on day 2, not a problem at all!

Q. What do you provide for lunch? I am a/an <insert dietary requirement here>?

A. We usually provide a wrap platter that typically contains meat, dairy, and gluten, etc along with assorted biscuits and lollies.  But due to the huge variety of dietary requirements in the population, catering logistics and the potential for severe reactions if there a mistake were made, we unable to cater for any specific dietary needs.  Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

Q. Do I need to be a good swimmer?

A. Nope, you just need to be able to swim 200m non-stop, any stroke, any time, just has to be non stop.  Our instructors are able to help you get through this