Brisbane Dive Academy is an SSI Dive Centre that offers the most comprehensive diver training of any dive centre in the region and arguably in Australia. We strive to provide one of the finest Instructor training programs available in Australia today. Based on the philosophy that every student is a direct reflection of their mentor, we train all our Instructors to the highest standards. With this backing, our Instructors always find work in the dive industry both here in Australia and overseas.

Candidates travel from far and wide to complete their training here with us, recently candidates have travelled from as far as Bermuda and American Samoa!

Brisbane Dive Academy has been recognised by PADI for Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education in 2013 and in 2016 we were recognised by PADI for Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development.  A reputation and track record we intend on continuing through our affiliation with SSI which commenced in November 2021.

You can still expect to receive personalised training, honest feedback (sometimes not the feedback you want to hear!), lots of support and mentoring and all during a relaxed course where we have plenty of time to fine-tune any of those things that may need attention and strengthen your strengths.

Our professional development programs are not tick and flick programs. Seriously though, how can you create a Dive Professional in just 11 days?  The answer is you cannot!

Some people already possess desirable professional attributes, developed risk management skills and customer service skills.  In our experience not many people possess all of these straight away, these take time to develop, we take the time to help you start to develop these skills!