Brisbane Dive Academy is able to service all makes and models of scuba regulators in accordance with manufacturer specifications. We have a full-time technician on staff and a dedicated in house service department to cater for your equipment servicing needs.

When servicing your equipment please do not discount the fact that your regulators are what keep you alive underwater.  Make sure you have them serviced annually or as recommended by the manufacturer and not having used them, or having used them only once or twice since their last service doesn't mean that you can stretch it out longer. It may also void your warranty.

We specialise in:

Oceanic Hollis
Atomic Zeagle
TUSA Aqualung
Apeks Mares
Apollo Scubapro
Sherwood Cressi

Our standard rates are:

Regulator Service Labour $60 Per stage (Most regulators have a 1st Stage, Primary second stage, Alternate Second Stage (Alternate Air Source, Occy) LPI hose and Pressure gauge, excl dive computers see below) + parts

An average regulator service is $180 Labour + $119 Parts = $299, but can be as much as $459.95 depending on the make, model and parts required.

BCD $40 + parts

Dive computer battery changes range from $60-$200 depending on brand and model plus freight if they need to be sent back to the manufacturer

How long does it take?

We aim to have your equipment back to you within 10 days, we have most major makes and models parts in stock but regulators are serviced on a first in first serviced basis.  However, if a regulator has a broken part or is in poor condition this may impact our ability to meet this time frame.  In the past for regulators that have been discontinued it is difficult to find replacement parts for even though the service kits are available.  In these instances we have been known to spend considerable time trying to source these parts and will contact other dive centres around the country and internationally that we have a working relationship with and try and source the required parts.

Hydrostatic tank test $77 

Valve service $40 + parts

Cylinder O2 Clean $50

Cylinder hydro, valve service and O2 clean $167 + parts

Hollis Prism 2 and Hollis Explorer Rebreathers, $200 labour plus Parts (Approx $200) and Cells (Approx $135ea)

Additional or specialised work starts from $150 per/hr.

All of our work is backed by a 12 Month warranty.

We also cater for bulk servicing requirements from visiting vessels in Brisbane, if you have a large amount of equipment please contact us for a quote.

When deciding where to get your equipment serviced consider this.  If someone gave you a set of gear and told you to enter a room full of poisonous gas would you check it and make sure that it had been serviced and tested by an expert?

We are certain your answer is a resounding YES, so why treat your scuba gear any differently? Whilst the ocean isn't a poisonous gas, water can harm you just as easily.