You will notice that you can predominantly only book courses and trips through our online platform, the reason for this is simple.  We pride ourselves on providing you with quality advice and knowledge to enable you to purchase the right equipment to fulfill your diving needs. We cannot achieve this online!

The internet is an excellent resource when it comes to information but it is also confusing, similarly when you walk into a warehouse and see hundreds of the same, but different product on display.  When you purchase scuba diving life support equipment you need to get advice from industry professionals with experience in actually taking people diving and not just selling the latest item that needs to be cleared from shelves!  Come in and see us, all of our scuba packages are available for you to take out and try just like test driving a new car.

We do have plenty of accessories available online, check out our range and if theres something you want that's not here, give us a call (07) 3890 0342

Why choose us?

  1. We approach each person as an individual, we ask questions about what types of diving you will be doing, both now and into the future, so we can point you in the right direction rather than just selling you a generic one size fits all product solution.
  2. Our after sales support starts with assembling your equipment, registering your product warranties, and continues through to annual reminders that your equipment is due for its annual service so you can keep all of your warranties intact.
  3. With the exception of Friday's, we have an experienced technician in store with 20 years experience who, in 90% of cases where a full service is not required, can diagnose and repair your equipment while you wait in the event something isn't working as you think it should.  We also have a full-time service technician who is dedicated to maintaining your equipment in working order.
  4. We can source most makes and models of equipment but specialises in Oceanic, Hollis, Atomic and Zeagle equipment due to the superior dealer support network.
  5. All of our staff are qualified for working dive instructors.
  6. Try before you buy available on selected BCD's and Regulators