Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor Course is the next step after certification as a Divemaster, completing your Assistant Instructor course should be a crucial stepping stone to any of your Professional Development Goals.



Upon completion of your Assistant Instructor program, you will be authorised to teach selected portions of the Open Water Diver Course and selected speciality programs under the indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor.  The experienced gained during this time will set the foundation for your life as an SSI Dive Instructor. 

What is involved in the Assistant Instructor Course? 

The Assistant Instructor program has a number of different components 

  • Undertake the candidate water fitness evaluation
  • Academic presentations - Open Water
  • Academic presentations - Speciality programs
  • Try Scuba and Scuba Rangers workshop
  • Open Water Diver and Scuba Skills Update workshop
  • Confined water teaching presentations
  • Final Exam

One of the best things about Brisbane Dive Academy's Professional Development Process is that there is no maximum number of attempts so long as you put in the effort and prepare you will be successful not only on the program but in real life. 

Our course format is unique in that we are utilising a blended form of delivery, each course has 4 evening sessions which run for about 3 hours each, they always commence on the Monday evening at 5:30pm, and run on each of the subsequent Monday and Thursday's.  These session can be face to face in our classroom or via Zoom.

After the second Thursday session we run the face to face practical application sessions that weekend, the Saturday is in the classroom where among other things we put together our Academic presentations and prepare for our confined water teaching presentations and workshops.

 What is Included?

  • SSI Assistant Instructor & Instructor Training Course Kit
  • SSI Instructor Wetnotes / Cue cards
  • Pool fees
  • Internationally recognised Assistant Instructor Certification
  • SSI Professional registration fees

Prerequisites / What is do I need to bring?

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Divemaster certification
  • Your own full set of diving equipment
  • Dive medical within the last 11 months
  • Proof of 75 logged dives
  • First Aid and Advanced Resucitation certification within the last 24 months