Ocean Hunter Phantom Snorkel
Ocean Hunter Phantom Snorkel

Ocean Hunter Phantom Snorkel

The Ocean Hunter Phantom Snorkel is designed to streamline around the divers head, thus minimising vibration and drag in the water. Because this snorkel is manufactured from a highly flexible material it will flex and give should it accidentally become entangled on your shooting line. This is also an important advantage for divers who chase crays under reefs because your snorkel can’t “jam under” and trap you.

The light and compact Ocean Hunter Phantom Snorkel includes a soft silicone mouthpiece for your comfort.

  • 20mm Wide boar J snorkel with optimal mouthpiece angle
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece to keep your jaw comfy during longer dives
  • Semi-flex barrel to reduce resistance when descending/ascending
  • Purge valve for easy expulsion of water
  • Wave deflector to keep your breathing uninterrupted through choppy conditions