Our M1 has expanded performance range for nearly any dive scenario, recreational or technical and is Nitrox ready up to 80%. The first stage is chrome plated brass, is environmentally sealed, and also comes with the swivelling 5 port low pressure cap and 2 high pressure ports.

  • The M1 first stage is built almost entirely with stainless steel and Monel, an exceptionally robust and hard metal renowned for its corrosion resistance, making it perfect for use in both saltwater and chlorine environments.

  • Additionally, the use of monel enables this regulator to be nitrox 80% ready out of the box ideal for higher oxygen deco gas blends.
  • Due to this corrosive resistance and the hardwearing material, Atomic offer the industries’ best service interval of 2 Years or 200 dives. This regulator is built to go year after year without any drop in performance.

  • Internally the M1 utilises a high flow piston which is environmentally sealed to ensure zero ingress of saltwater which is usually one of the key issues with longevity of regulator performance.